Joel Baumann Pixels

Joel co-founded the award-winning new-media collective tomato interactive (London) in 1999 after briefly joining the award-winning new-media collective Antirom (London) in its expiring stages..

Since 2003 Joel is Professor for New Media at the Kunsthochschule Kassel (school of art and design Kassel) in Germany.

In his work he concentrates on the interactive moment and its strategic use. He is interested in the influence New Media has on society and communication.

His commercial work includes projects for Sony, Mitsubishi Motors, AOL, Sharp, Nokia und Redbull. In 2003 tomato interactive produced 9 hours of live visuals for Electraglide, the largest indoor live music event in Japan. Over 20000 people attended. In 2006 tomato created a dynamic visual installation in the Media Centraal, Groningen, the netherlands for a rare performance of the work of the english avant garde composer Cornelius Cardew.

His work has been shown at the Design Museum in London, the Jacobson Howard Gallery in New York, the Kasseler Kunstverein in Kassel, the European Media Arts Festival in Osnabrück and the Pavlov MediaLab in Groningen.